Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Diane Rosati Executive Director (215)-444-2703
Margie Rivera Associate Director (215)-444-2709
Michael Connor Drug and Alcohol Specialist (215)-345-3700
Andrew Dalessandro Sr. Administrative Assistant - IT Tech/AOC (215)-444-2717
Patrick F. Donchez, MA, CAADC Assessor/Diversion Programs (215)-345-8640
Tracy Fisher Senior Administrative Assistant - Support (215)-444-2710
Donna Foisy Prevention Specialist (215)-444-2740
Michelle Jones Fiscal Technician (215)-444-2715
Michelle Kelliehan Fiscal Officer (215)-444-2716
Cindy LaBar AOC Care Manager (215)-444-2713
Patrick McLaughlin Recovery Housing Coordinator (215)-444-2711
Mike Palumbo Drug and Alcohol Specialist Supervisor (215)-345-3815
Mallory Perrotti Prevention Supervisor (215)-444-2785
Bethany Pocceschi Sr. Administrative Assistant - Support (215)-444-2728
Ana Rosado Clinical Director (215)-444-2712
Sheri Rubin Health Care Coordinator (215)-444-2729
Monica Santiago Drug and Alcohol Specialist (215)-345-3815
Avery Saul Program Services Coordinator (215)-444-2714
Olga Smith Drug & Alcohol Specialist (215)-345-3700
Margie Tolen Human Resources Director (215)-444-2705
Christopher White AOC Clinical Supervisor (215)-444-2702
Lisa Wieder Fiscal Technician (215)-444-2718
Dan Wilbourne Pre-Trial Officer (215)-345-3921