Accepted and Not Accepted

Medications Accepted

- Prescription and over-the-counter medications
- Tablets
- Capsules
- Patches
- Nasal sprays
- Creams
- Vitamins
- Ointments
- Pet medications
- Inhalers
- Liquid medications (check with your local department if accepted)
- NEW: Vaping Devices

Thanks to new guidance from the DEA, and in an effort to curb the spread of a dangerous trend targeting our children, Drug Take Back boxes throughout Bucks County are now accepting vaping devices, in addition to old, unused and unwanted medications (pet meds, too!).

Call your local police department to determine if liquid medications (in the original container) will be accepted. Please remove all personal information from bottles. 

Medications Not Accepted

- Injectables
- Needles (visit for suggestions as to how to safely dispose of needles)
- Illicit substances
- Thermometers
- Aerosol cans

ContactDonna Foisy, BCDAC, Inc. Prevention Specialist  |  215-444-2740  |