Medication Storage and Disposal

BCDAC, Inc. encourages the safe storage and disposal of medications in your home. In addition to making Narcan accessible to community members, Safer Lock Boxes, Pill Pods and Deterra Bags are available at BCDAC, Inc. while supplies last.

Safer Lock BoxesThe Safer Lock medicine box lets you store all of your prescription and over-the-counter safer-lock-box-croppedmedications in one secure place. The lock box uses Safer Lock’s patented 4 digit combination-lock. Securing your medications is easy; choose your combination and set the lock. You can even register your combination for easy recovery in the event you forget your personal code.

Pill Pods

pill_podsThese Pill Pods are a “keyless” drug lock box that can be used in any home. Pill Pod is so simple to use that it needs no instruction sheet. It comes ready to use with no setup required. Like a padlock, Pill Pod combination locking container comes with a random, preset, 4-digit code assigned and provided on the outer label. With the combination aligned beneath the marker, you simply lift up and remove the cover. 

Deterra Bags

Deterra Bags are a drug deactivation system. A person Deterra_bagsusing the Deterra® Drug Deactivation System simply puts their medication in a bag containing a carbon that bonds to pharmaceutical compounds when water is added. The person adds water and shakes it up to neutralize the active ingredient in the drug. The Deterra Bag can hold up to 45 pills, 6 oz. liquid or 6 patches.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Place unused medications in pouch
  2. Fill halfway with warm tap water and wait 30 seconds
  3. Seal tightly and gently shake pouch and dispose of in normal trash

Medication Collection Program

  • Over 50% of people who abuse prescription pain relievers get them from friends or relatives.

  • Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are the most commonly misused substances by Americans age 14 and older, after marijuana and alcohol.

  • EPA studies have detected pharmaceutical drugs in our water supply.

This is why the County is working diligently to collect old, unused, expired medications and safely dispose of them. Click here for complete details, including which medications are accepted and permanent drop box locations.

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