Mock Teen Bedroom


The Bensalem Police Department has a new tool to help educate parents about the warning signs of drug abuse: a mock-up of a teen's bedroom, recreated in a mobile trailer. The room was completed in partnership with Bensalem Township, Bensalem Township Police Department, Building a Better Bensalem Together, Bensalem Township Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board and Bensalem Township School District.

Fred Harran, Bensalem's Director of Public Safety, said he wants parents to know what law enforcement and school social workers are finding in rooms - not just in Bensalem, but across the nation. He said many parents are in the best position to intervene to prevent a problem or identify one - if they know what to look for.

"From 2016-2017, we had a 173% increase in drug overdoses; that's a Bensalem stat," Harran said. "This room is one more tool to tackle that stat." To do that, parents need to be on the front lines - in their kids' bedrooms. "Parents need to be in their kids' rooms to see what's going on; they are not being a snoop by looking around," he said. "They are being good parents."

Can't make it to see the trailer in person? Click here to view Lehigh County Drug and Alcohol's Virtual Scavenger Hunt.