Required Paperwork

Starting 7/1/2022, all individuals need to be registered in the BCDAC, Inc. REDCap Database and all ASAM Summary sheets must be inputted into PA WITS (this includes Admission, Continued Stay and Discharge). The individual's Demographics and the Request for Approval is inputted electronically into REDCap and paperwork is no longer required to be faxed or emailed to our office. Our office is no longer accepting paper version of the ASAM Summary Sheet and all ASAMs must be inputted into PA WITS. Our office will check PA WITS to ensure that the ASAM was inputted in the system. A delay in approvals will occur if the ASAM is not inputted into PA WITS.  Required paperwork must be completed for all SCA approved /funded individual and kept in individual’s chart for review during monitoring. Not all paperwork needs to be uploaded to REDCap, but should remain in the individual’s chart for monitoring.  

  • Demographics and Request For Approval (RFA) - inputted electronically via REDCap
  • ASAM Summary Sheet - inputted electronically via PA WITS
  • AOC 13 Consent - can be completed electronically in REDCap or a paper copy can be signed by the individual and uploaded to REDCap
  • AOC 14 Consent - can be completed electronically in REDCap or a paper copy can be signed by the individual and uploaded to REDCap
  • Client Handbook
  • BCDAC, Inc. Client Liability Determination Form - must be completed electronically on the computer. The form auto-populates co-pays for each level of care once the income information is added. Reminder the income inputted in the form is bi-weekly and not monthly. This replaces the paper version of the liability used in previous fiscal years.
  • BCDAC, Inc. Documentation of Homeless Affidavit - only complete for individuals who identify as homeless. If individual does not identify as homeless, please do not complete this form.
  • Case Management Service Plan - must be completed at the level of care assessment and every 60 days thereafter.

sca recovery housing
* Spiritual Transitions’ recovery house contract will be ending with Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc, (BCDAC, Inc.) effective June 30th, 2023.  Providers should not refer individuals to Spiritual Transitions for any of our housing programs including:*

  • BC-ROC (Bucks County Recovery Oversight Committee (BC-ROC)
  • Recovery Scholarship Program
  • Single County Authority (SCA) Recovery House Scholarship
  • State Opioid Response (SOR) Housing program.

Individuals funded for treatment through our office can apply for SCA Recovery House Scholarship. If approved, our office funds 4 weeks of rent at one of the below Recovery Houses:

  • Acceptance House
  • A New Way
  • Emilie House
  • New Found Freedom
  • New Path
To request funding, please complete the forms below and email to

pa wits

The SCA and its contracted providers are required to complete the following components in PA WITS for every individual receiving case management services, including a Level of Care Assessment (LOCA). Items 1-9 must be entered into PA WITS within 7 days of the date the service was delivered. If the individual requires a SOR due to history or current use of OUD and SUD (Including Cocaine) and is recommended ambulatory levels of care (1, 2.1, 2.5) the GPRA needs to be added into PA WITS within 4 days of admission. If the individual requires a SOR due to history or current use of OUD and SUD (Including Cocaine) and is recommended inpatient (3.1, 3.5, 3.5 E, 3.7, 3.7 E) levels of care the GPRA needs to be added into PA WITS within 3 days of admission. Click here visit DDAP’s website for User Guides and training videos to learn how to input data and required information into PA WITS.

1. Client Profile

2. Intake

3. Screening Tool


5. Program Enrollment

6. An encounter note to explain the reason an individual is discharged from case management services

7. Documentation of interim services using miscellaneous notes, if applicable

8. SOR GPRA for individuals with an OUD and SUD (Including Cocaine) and, receiving SOR funded treatment or treatment-related services. DDAP continues to work on adding the new GPRA tool to PA WITS. Providers will complete and input all GPRA Intake/Baseline and discharge interviews via the REDCap Link. Please click here to access the REDCap GPRA link.

9. Case Management Notes, including admission and discharge notes, to be completed utilizing the encounter notes. Notes must adequately described the nature and extent of each contact to include the following:
     a. Information gathered about the individual
     b. Analysis of the information to identify the individuals’ treatment and treatment- related needs
     c. Action to be taken to meet the individual’s treatment and treatment-related needs
     d. Case manager’s signature or initials and date.

DischargeDischarge from all levels of care is completed via REDCap. The provider should open the Request for Approval (RFA) and complete the discharge section at the bottom of the RFA.

Request for Liability Reduction or Elimination

Individuals are to be notified at time of initial assessment that there is an abatement process, should the client’s fee seem or become excessive. At any time, an individual may request that their financial liability be reassessed. The provider is to complete this reassessment within a reasonable period of time, but minimally within one week of the client’s request. Any new fee resulting from this reassessment will be applied retroactive to the date of the request. All request for Liability Reduction or Elimination are submitted electronically via REDCap. Click here to access the form.