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How to talk about treatment

What if my loved one isn't motivated to enter treatment

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What is drug addiction?

My daughter only drinks beer, doesn't drink every day and says she's not alcoholic.  Is she right?

Is it important to talk to my kids about alcohol and drug use before they are even exposed to it?

My ex-husband was alcoholic, should I be concerned about my kids?

I think my 19 year son has a drug problem, but I think he'll grow out of it.  Am I right?

Do I have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol?

What do I need for an assessment?

What kind of treatment is needed?

How will I pay for treatment services?

Is it unusual for a person to enter treatment numerous times?

What if my child needs help but refuses to enter treatment?

Will treatment "fix" my loved one?

Should the family be involved in the treatment process?

What should family members expect of their loved on after leaving treatment?