Licensure/Certification Reimbursement

BCDAC, Inc. applied and was awarded a grant through Today, Inc. Foundation. The grant will reimburse the cost of the application and exam fee for the credentialing and licensing process with the Department of State (LPC, LMFT, LSW, LCSW) or Pennsylvania Certification Board certification (CAAC, CADC, CAADC) for any newly licensed staff members whose positions are counselor, assistance counselor, or case manager. Please click here to apply for the grant.

Some information to be aware of with the grant:

  • Staff can only apply for reimbursement one time
  • Need to submit proof of payment
  • Does not apply if you were licensed/credentialed before 10/29/21.
  • Need to discuss applying with your supervisor first
  • Application is reviewed by our office and will notify staff of if the application is approved or denied

*Our office can’t guarantee providers or staff members reimbursement since we do not know how many applications we will receive and when funds will be depleted*