training UPDATESRegistrations for trainings are on a first-come, first-served basis, with Bucks County-contracted Drug & Alcohol providers given priority. For complete information regarding upcoming trainings, please contact Kerissa Arkins at 215-444-2710 or

Based on new DDAP guidelines, prior to attending any training sponsored by the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, participants must register on the DDAP Website. If you do not register with DDAP, you cannot be scheduled, nor receive credit, for any DDAP sponsored training. Click here to set up an account.

New Training Opportunities

Drug and Alcohol Confidentiality through TrainPA
This training is a review of the federal and state confidentiality laws and regulations protecting the privacy of those seeking and receiving services for Substance Use Disorders, and is designed to help participants gain the basic knowledge needed to effectively perform their job duties within the parameters of confidentiality protections. It is required to be completed within 365 days of hire for SCA staff and their contracted providers. The online training module may be completed in lieu of the classroom Confidentiality training and must be completed before attending the Practical Applications for Confidentiality training. Click here for details.

Case Management Training Program 
The new Case Management training program consists of an online training module through TrainPA and an in-person/virtual skills training. The online Case Management Overview training will provide a foundation from which case managers will build skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of case management, and guide participants through what case management is, how it came about, the core roles of case managers, and provide resources to assist in the delivery of case management. The Case Management Skills training, which can be completed in-person or virtually, will build on the information provided in the online training and provide participants with the opportunity to practice case management skills. Participants will also be provided with tools to assist in identifying resources within their network and community to assist the individuals they serve. Both trainings are required to be completed within 365 days of hire for SCA staff and their contracted providers. The online Case Management Overview training must be completed before the Case Management Skills training. Click here for more information.

Effective January 1, 2020, DDAP will expand its approved curriculum to include online training through The Change Companies’ ASAM Criteria 2013 Edition E-learning modules. This newly approved training will be in addition to the already approved 2- day in-person training on The ASAM Criteria, 2013. At that time, both training options will satisfy DDAP’s training requirements. Click here for more information.