Recovery Housing

structured living


Halfway House - a licensed ddap facility

A halfway house is a licensed residential treatment program for individuals who are in need of a more structured environment that provides the opportunity to learn sober living skills, such as working, while receiving therapeutic interventions.


A transitional house offers a structured living environment for individuals in early recovery where staff helps oversee and support the residents. Rent is paid by the resident.

Recovery House

A recovery house is a self-pay group home for individuals who are seeking a drug and alcohol free, structured environment where he/she can learn recovery and living skills to support long term recovery. Recovery houses are self-pay and are not licensed treatment facilities. Most individuals living in recovery homes are in early recovery, under 12 months.

Sober House

Once individuals feel they have an established recovery support system, they can choose to live in a sober house. A sober house is a self-pay drug and alcohol free environment which has a less structure than a recovery house.