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Services for Pregnant Women

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Mothers Overcoming Mood-Altering Substances (MOMS)

Mothers Overcoming Mood-Altering Substances (MOMS) is an outreach program that helps pregnant and recently pregnant (within 1 year) women engage in treatment and support recovery. 

MOMS focuses on providing personal contact, education, intervention and support over a three year period. They may accompany women to needed appointments, and offer support through phone contact and one-on-one visits in the home or safe environment. MOMS' services are provided through the Bristol and Doylestown offices of The Council of Southeast PA, Inc.

In addition, MOMS refers and connects women to community resources offering assessments, treatment, support and/or education in areas such as:

  • Drug and alcohol
  • Relationships
  • Birthing classes
  • Parenting
  • Housing programs
  • Employment, job training and education
  • Nicotine cessation
  • Mental health concerns and post-partum depression
  • Other areas of concern


The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.
215-788-3738 or 1-800-221-6333 (Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm)