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Services for Pregnant Women

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Medical Assistance

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services - Office of Medical Assistance Programs
Administers Pennsylvania's Medicaid program, which is the joint state and federal Medical Assistance program that provides coverage for health care for eligible Pennsylvania residents. Medical Assistance provides coverage for health care services through a fee-for-service program as well as through the managed care program that is administered by contracted Managed Care Organizations. The Office of Medical Assistance Programs is also responsible for enrolling providers, processing provider claims, establishing rates and fees, contracting and monitoring of managed care organizations, and detecting and deterring providers and recipients fraud and abuse.

Bucks County County Assistance Office (CAO)
Medicaid office located in Bristol, PA. Individuals must legally reside in Pennsylvania in order to apply for benefits at this facility.

Magellan Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania - Bucks County HealthChoices
Manages behavioral health services for HealthChoices members and is committed to ensuring the delivery of high-quality behavioral health care to help individuals and families achieve their goals. For more information, please call Bucks Member Services: 877-769-9784.