Community-Based Supports

Bucks County Grandfamilies Support GroupThis is a support group facilitated by grandparents for grandparents and other relatives raising the children of loved ones. Build support, discuss topics related to challenges, celebrate successes, broaden areas of knowledge, and educate others through lived experience. Download the flyer here.

Child & Family FocusChild & Family Focus (CFF) provides short-term, temporary care to families in Bucks County, PA who do
not currently have resources or natural supports to assist in caring for a child with a mental health
diagnosis. Unlike typical childcare, respite care is utilized to increase the wellness of the family and
prevent unwanted crises by enabling caregivers to take a break.  Learn more here.
Respite Referral  |  Respite Services  |  Respite Services - Information for Providers

KinConnector HelplineKinConnector acts as a bridge that helps families identify resources, including gaining access to local, state, and federal resources. Call 1-866-KIN-2111 (1-866-546-2111). Assistance is available Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 10 pm, and Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Click here for more information.

Penn State Intergenerational Program

Through this Penn State Extension program, we develop new intergenerational initiatives and study their impact on program participants and surrounding communities. Learn more

YMCA of Bucks County YMCA of Bucks County is a charitable, non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve the quality of community life. They build character by promoting the values of caring, respect, honesty, and responsibility. Financial Assistance  |  Membership Information  |  Operation Compassion