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Healthcare Professionals Opposing Stigma

 Unknown Image Healthcare Professionals Opposing Stigma is a BCARES enhancement. It consists of a group of health care professionals who are all in long-term recovery and share their recovery stories and lessons learned with hospital staff. They also provide information about stigma, recovery language, the impact of impaired professionals on the hospitals and patients, and provide resources for recovery. 

The individual stories from health care professionals affected by substance use disorder focus on:

  • Sharing their recovery journey
  • Breaking the stigma of substance use disorder
  • Challenges that contribute to addiction among the health care professionals
  • How to support health care professionals struggling with recovery
  • Professionals risks – losing one's license/employment
  • Barriers to recovery
  • Crossing the line – “I should have known better”
  • The reality that recovery is possible!

ContactSheri Rubin, RN, BCDAC, Inc. Health Care Coordinator  |  215-444-2729  |  slrubin@buckscounty.org