Bucks County Police Assisting In Recovery (BPAIR)

Bucks County Police Assisting In Recovery (BPAIR) is a program aimed towards getting help for individuals seeking treatment by connecting them with a treatment center instead of incarceration. The BPAIR program serves adult residents of Bucks County who are looking for help or struggling with addiction.

How does BPAIR work?The first step for the individual seeking treatment is to visit the Bensalem, Perkasie, Upper Southampton, Warminster or Warrington Police Departments, respectively. The police department will then pair the individual with a volunteer who will accompany him or her to an assessment site. If the individual has drugs or drug paraphernalia on them that they turn over at the time of presenting to the police department, they will not be arrested, charged with a crime or jailed.

ContactIf you or someone you know is seeking help, please call one of these 24/7 BPAIR Helplines:

  • Bensalem Police Department (Bensalem residents only): 215-633-3727
  • Perkasie Police Department (Perkasie residents only): 215-257-6876
  • Upper Southampton Police Department (Upper Southampton residents only): 215-364-5000
  • Warminster Police Department (Warminster residents only): 215-672-1000
  • Warrington Police Department (Warrington residents only): 215-343-3311