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Center of Excellence (COE)

A Center of Excellence (COE) is an agency identified to help ensure that underinsured and uninsured individuals with substance use disorder stay in treatment to receive follow-up care and are supported within their communities. There are two Centers of Excellence in Bucks County: St. Luke's Penn Foundation and Family Service Association of Bucks County.

Individuals receiving service at one of the two Bucks County Centers of Excellence:

  • may have co-occurring behavioral and physical health conditions
  • need help to navigate the care system
  • need guidance to stay engaged in treatment and to avoid relapsing

Centers of Excellence coordinate care for people with Medicaid. Treatment is team-based and focused on the “whole person,” with the explicit goal of integrating behavioral health with primary care. This approach includes psychiatric support, nursing, clinical care and a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS). 

The team helps individuals navigate and connect to resources that address physical healthcare, early recovery needs, drug and alcohol, and mental health needs and help develop a positive recovery environment that includes addressing housing needs, vocational needs and recovery support systems.

ContactSt. Luke's Penn Foundation  |  267-404-5990
Family Service Association of Bucks County  |  215-757-6916