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Services for Pregnant Women

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District Court Diversion Program

The District Court Diversion Program (DCDP) is designed to provide intervention services to an individual who is presenting to the Magisterial District Judge for having a substance use-related offense. The goal is to connect the individual to an assessment and coordinate an intervention/treatment that will help identify and address his or her needs.

Who Qualifies for DCDP?

  • Residents of Bucks County who are not currently on probation or parole

  • A person who has been charged with a violation(s) of the following ungraded misdemeanor offenses:

    Possession of a Controlled Substance (Title 35 §780-113 §§A16)
    Possession of Small Amount of Marijuana (Title §35 780-113 §§A31)
    Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Title 35 §780-113 §§A32)
    First time offenders for any substance other than marijuana