Mobile Engagement Services (MES)

Mobile Engagement Services (MES) are intervention services that connect with individuals to break down barriers and provide support while getting into treatment. This service is provided through Penn Foundation. 

MES provides brief therapy in addition to connecting individuals to ancillary services to assist with the recovery process. Penn Foundation explains MES as “a 20 year old behavioral health intervention for persons/families who fail to access or respond to traditional treatment. These persons and families are heavy utilizers of traditional treatment, with a record of little to no improvement.”

Penn Foundation monitors high risk cases for up to three months to insure no relapses occur - or when relapse is occurring, a quick and effective resolution is made. A four phase approach is utilized, incorporating the “Stage of Change Model” -

  1. Engage
  2. Motivate
  3. Stabilize
  4. Monitor

Who does MES serve?
  • Heavy treatment utilizers
  • MAT recipients
  • Previous failures in treatment
  • Multi-service individuals
  • AMA (Against Medical Advice)
  • AFA (Against Facility Advice)
  • Adolescents
  • Homeless
  • Therapeutic Discharges
  • Children and youth involved
  • Multi-disadvantaged and co-occurring

Mobile Engagement Services and Children and Youth MES and Children and Youth is a joint venture created to meet the needs of 2003 U.S. Child Abuse Protection and Treatment Act, known as CAPTA. Before infants are sent home with their parents who might be struggling with drug addiction themselves, County agencies are required to assess the home environment and create a safe-care plan, including services to drug-dependent parents. Penn Foundation MES provides support to mothers and parents involved in this process through Children and Youth.


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