Recovery Program Units at the Department of Corrections

The Bucks County Department of Corrections understands the need for substance abuse services in a correctional setting, and has partnered with BCDAC, Inc. to provide the following services to individuals who are incarcerated:

  • Assessment, intervention services, coordination of treatment referral and consultation services that will meet the needs of offenders with substance abuse disorders, and to support community safety. This includes Medication Assisted Treatment.  

  • Therapeutic programming in the maximum-security facility as well as Community Corrections Centers

  • Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous meetings

  • Referral to one of the Recovery Program Units in the jail: the H.O.P.E. Recovery Unit for males and the H.E.A.R.T. Recovery Program for females. These are dedicated units specifically designed to provide programming that addresses the impact that addiction has had on the individuals’ lives, and to formulate a plan for sustained recovery.
Click here for FAQs about the Recovery Program Units at the Department of Corrections.