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Featured Programs

BCDAC, Inc. recently partnered with Ryan Schweiger at St. Luke's Penn Foundation to highlight some of the amazing prevention efforts that are taking place in Bucks County.

In Episode 1, we visit Free Fall Action Sports in Quakertown, PA. Free Fall Action Sports serves the community by offering regular park-side support, yearly events and competitions, and the opportunity for students to experience the benefits of being a part of a team. These foundations help youth find a sense of belonging, become something in their community and confidently believe in their abilities. Learn more:

In Episode 2, we visit Camp Crossroads in Quakertown, PA. Camp Crossroads aims to break the cycle of addiction by teaching children coping skills that build resiliency and confidence to make healthy life choices. The goal is to reduce feelings of fear, guilt, isolation, loneliness and helplessness and help campers understand that addiction is a disease, it impacts the entire family and it is not their fault. Learn more: https://www.pennfoundation.org/servic...

In Episode 3, we visit No Longer Bound in Levittown, PA. No Longer Bound’s mission is to empower the community by providing educational programming and training to address drug and alcohol abuse, increase positive social development and improve overall well-being. Learn more: https://nolongerboundpa.org/