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Youth Problem Gambling

Warning signs of youth gambling:

  • Students miss classes or entire school days with no explanation.
  • Grades suddenly drop or assignments aren’t being completed.
  • Disinterest towards extracurricular activities.
  • Behavior becomes more secretive, defensive or aggressive.
  • There’s an increased interest in money and value of possessions.
  • They speak openly about an interest in gambling or borrowing money.
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Did you know that children introduced to gambling by age 12 are four times more likely to develop a gambling problem? It’s important to make time to talk with kids about gambling.

Here are a few discussion points:

  • Explain that gambling results in losses more often than wins. Spending money on things they want is better than losing it all on a bet.
  • Explain that underage gambling is illegal.
  • Talk to them about the consequences of problem gambling, including being sad, having no money to spend, lower grades, and damaged friendships.
  • Encourage healthy spending. Talk about how they plan to spend money they have from their after-school or summer job, as well as allowance.
  • Ask questions about their experiences with gambling - and listen to their answers.