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The PA WITS system is used by treatment providers to collect substance use disorder data across the state of Pennsylvania to ensure DDAP can meet their primary objective of reporting TEDS to SAMHSA as required by the block grant. In addition to the PA WITS system collecting the data for these block grant reporting requirements, WITS will be used to help DDAP to collect additional clinical and case management data as stated in DDAP Treatment Manual. BCDAC, Inc. and our contracted providers are required to complete components in PA WITS for every individual receiving case management services, including a Level of Care Assessment (LOCA). All required components are to be inputted into the PA WITS website.

  • View BCDAC, Inc.'s policy for all required components and timelines for adding required information into PA WITS.
  • Click here for PA WITS user guides, tips and training videos to assist you with the data entry process in PA WITS. 

For help with your account, contact the PA WITS Service Desk Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm: RA-DAPAWITS@pa.gov or 717-736-7459. Forgot your password? Here’s a helpful video.