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Choosing a Licensed Recovery House

We understand that there are many things to consider when choosing a recovery house, and the process can feel overwhelming. This simple guide outlines the benefits of selecting a licensed house – plus some of the advantages of being BC-ROC approved.

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Food Safety
  • Food must be stored properly if provided
  • Must have thermometers in all refrigerators and freezers
  • house icon BC-ROC certified houses must provide 4 dinners per week

Resident Requirements
  • Residents must abstain from use and sale of alcohol and illicit drugs
  • Testing is recommended to ensure compliance
  • house icon BC-ROC certified house residents must be tested monthly and at random

Staffing Requirements
  • Staff must pass PA State Police background check, be CPR-certified and undergo first aid and STI trainings

Emergency Notification
  • Staff must notify emergency contact within 24 hours of an emergency or departure

Room Requirements
  • Must follow space requirements for each resident
  • Room set-up must meet state guidelines
  • Must adhere to Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Oversight & Monitoring
  • Must be inspected yearly by Pennsylvania Department of Drug & Alcohol Programs (DDAP)
  • house icon BC-ROC certified houses are monitored yearly and are subject to announced and unannounced visits

Emergency Preparedness
  • Must have fire extinguishers mounted on each floor and checked yearly
  • Must maintain smoke detectors according to DDAP guidelines
  • Must clearly indicate exits throughout the building

Overdose Prevention
  • Must have non-expired Narcan on-site at all times
  • Staff and management must be trained to use Narcan

Discharge Plans
  • Detailed discharge plan must be followed and all parties involved must be notified

  • Eligible to accept State, Federal or County funds
  • Non-licensed houses are not eligible to accept State, Federal or County funds
  • house icon BC-ROC certified houses are eligible for the BC-ROC Scholarship, which provides up to 60 days of funding

Medication Management
  • All medications are to be kept in a locked container which helps to address loss, theft or the misuse of medication

  • Complaints and/or Grievances can be submitted to both DDAP and BCDAC, Inc.
  • Complaints/Grievances will be assessed, investigated and a summary of findings will be produced

Medication Assisted Treatment
  • All licensed houses must accept residents on FDA-approved medications for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and Alcohol Use Disorder (AOD)
  • A licensed house may not discriminate against individuals who receive medication assisted treatment