When do I complete the Request for Approval of Care (RFA) form?

Where do I send the completed RFA packet?

If I am not credentialed with BCDAC, Inc., do I need to have a supervisor sign the RFA packet?

Do I need to list the specific substance of abuse on the RFA form?

Is it important to make sure the appropriate boxes are checked and/or completed on the RFA?

What are Priority Populations?

How are Priority Populations handled?

Should the Level of Care Recommended be the same as the Level of Care Received?

What is a UCN and how is it created?

What are Interim Services?

What are Recovery Support Services?

What are the important elements of the AOC 13 and AOC 14 consent forms?

When should I check "other" on the AOC 13 or AOC 14 consent forms?

Which expiration date should be checked on the AOC 13 and AOC 14 consent forms?

Should I complete a consent if other agencies will be or are involved in the individual's treatment/assessment?